Herion was established over a century ago in 1886 in Giudecca quarter of Venice, operating in a decommissioned renaissance church. There, the venerable apparel maker produced refined and unique garments utilizing at the time, revolutionary machines considered by experts to be the very first systems of its kind. Because of its tradition and history of quality over quantity, Herion became a name synonymous with excellence and expertise, manufacturing for top fashion houses such as Hermes, Christian Dior, and Lanvin.

By the new millennium, and after three generations maintaining its apparel business, Herion was ready to revitalize its brand. In 2001, Herion successfully changed its course, and under new ownership, spearheaded by Stefano Larese, Herion repositioned itself as a global and contemporary ready-to-wear collection. It was then that Herion perfected its specialty and quality of fine fabrics and harmonized it with new styling methods and progressive designs that have confirmed Herion's reputation as a renowned lifestyle brand.

In 2008, adapting to the rapidly changing apparel business, Stefano Larese lead the Herion corporate office - comprised of a sales, design, marketing, and production team - to New York City's Art District. He took his cultural knowledge and expertise of "Italian Made" apparel manufacturing globally, capitalizing on new sources of more accessible, specialized, and diverse work forces not only in Italy, but also in East Asia and New York City. Herion formed partnerships with factories that combined traditional garment techniques with modern and innovative technologies. Remaining faithful to its tradition and quality, Herion's team in New York City ensure that every garment produced is unique, uncompromised, and using the same attention and dedication of its heritage.

With over 120 years of experience and excellence, Herion has achieved a prominent place in fashion history and is celebrated today by a legion of celebrities and fashion savvy and loyal customers. Herion designs and sells to over 300 specialty stores worldwide in North America, Europe, and Japan. Herion continues its course to thrive with plans to launch an ECommerce boutique projected by fall 2009.

"In our past, present, and future, the highest priority has always been our dedication to excellence and innovation. As a brand, we are in a constant cycle of change, adopting new trends and technologies in design, production, and manufacturing. It is our goal to stay current and aligned with the consumers needs. What remain the same are the recognizable nature, quality, and timelessness of our products, lasting for years to come and surpassing the current motto that value comes in smaller price tags."

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