Hérion 1886

“In our past, present, and future, the highest priority is our dedication to effortless styles, recognizable through the design, quality, and timelessness of our products.”


Hérion was established over a century ago in 1886 in Giudecca quarter of Venice, operating in a decommissioned renaissance church. The company produced refined and unique garments utilizing at the time, revolutionary machines considered by experts to be the very first systems of its kind.

Because of its tradition and history of quality over quantity, Hérion became a name synonymous with excellence and expertise, manufacturing for top fashion houses such as Hermes, Christian Dior, and Lanvin.

By the new millennium, Hérion was ready to revitalize its brand.

Hérion perfected its specialty and quality of fine fabrics and harmonized it with new styling methods and progressive designs that have confirmed Hérion’s reputation as a renowned lifestyle brand.

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